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Windows 10 password reset!!!

    • Boot from Windows 10 CD
    • Select Repair your Computer
    • Click Troubleshoot
    • Click Advanced Options
    • Click Command Prompt
    • Change to C: drive then CD\Windows\System32
    • Rename osk.exe osk.old
    • Rename cmd.exe osk.exe
    • Reboot PC
    • At Login Screen, Click the Ease of Access button at the right bottom, then click On-Screen Keyboard, Command Prompt will now open
    • Type net user to see the user name
    • Net user username *
    • It will say “Type a password for the user:
    • Exit and try the new password.
    • You can now go to c:\windows\system32 and rename osk.exe to cmd.exe and rename osk.old to osk.exe




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