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Windows 10 Upgrade Checklist

1. Update the BIOS
2. Install Windows 10
3. Check Windows Activation (Some versions of Windows may accept an upgrade, If not Windows 10 will activate with a Windows 7 Product Key)
4. Turn Off File Sharing under Start, Settings, Update and Security, Windows Update,
Advanced options, Choose how updates are delivered
5. Check that drivers are working in Device Manager
6. Make shortcuts for Internet Explorer and Windows Defender
7. Change defaults to IE and Media Player
8. Install Adobe Reader
9. Install Adobe Flash player
10. Install InfraRecorder CD/DVD Writing Software
11. Install VLC Player, Plays DVD’s etc.
12. Install IrfanView
13. Install Windows 7 Games
14. Install Malwarebytes Anti Malware
15. Install Anydesk remote software
16. Copy Manuals
17. Run Updates
18. Setup Themes, just makes Windows look better!
19. Install Firefox or Chrome if user wants either one of them




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