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Hammond Organ Demonstrator D3
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Benny's up to the minute Tech section!!!
Today's TIP Windows 10 ShutDown!
16 tips and counting
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Raymond Horne - Owner Custom Cycle
Oxford, Alabama
August 15, 1950 - July 31, 2015

Raymond's Last Ride

August 15, 1950 - July 31, 2015

We little knew that morning God was going to call your name.
In life we loved you dearly. In death we do the same.
It broke our hearts to lose you, You did not go alone,
For parts of us went with you the day God called you home.
You left us beautiful memories, Your love is still our guide.
And tho we cannot see you, You are always by our side.
Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again.
We love and miss you so much.


US Army all in on Windows 10 and Windows Defender
Read about it HERE

"When you measure it with a micrometer, mark it with a grease pencil, and cut it with an axe", then its Close enough for government!!! Quoted from:
Retired SGM Sergeant Bennie L. McCain

So you hearing on the news about wiping hard drives!
The truth even a governmant software write may not completely remove all the data, a format only removes the first charactor...
The only sure way to remove data from a hard drive is by using a Degaussing Machine or Shredding the hard drive, and that my friends is the facts!!!
Cosmic Queen
Also Available at BOOKFINDER4U

Betty's Goal Post BBQ, Anniston Alabama

If your near Birmingham and need your Tablet or cell phone screen replaced stop by and see Mobile Spot at the Shops of Grand River and their new location in Fultondale!
MobileSpot is now an Authorized Charter Retailer. See us for all your phone, internet, and cable needs. Special now: Charter Triple Play $89.
All three for one low, monthly rate!
Fultondale Location:
1710 Decatur Highway
Fultondale, AL 35068
(205) 238-5389
Leeds Location:
The Shops of Grand River
6200 Grand River Blvd East
Suite 352 (in the Food Court)
Leeds, AL 35094
(205) 699-1683

If you’re looking for fine dining that isn’t far away, come to Hubbard’s Off Main, located on Choccolocco Street in historic downtown Oxford, Alabama. They mix authentic Southern food with a casual, comfortable atmosphere, and our pet-friendly patio means your furry family can come along to enjoy the meal.


16. Recovery options for Windows 10 HERE

15. Reset your Microsoft account HERE

14. Reset your Windows 10 password HERE

13. Click HERE to fix Windows 10 anniversary update fails with 0x80070057 error

lick HERE for my Windows 10 Upgrade Checklist

11. Windows 7 Games for Windows 10

1. Get the ZIP archive with Games from the following link: Windows 7 Games. It will work in Windows 10 just fine.
2. Unpack and execute the Win7GamesForWin10-Setup.exe file.
3. Follow the installation wizard and select the desired games you want to get in Windows 10.
You are done! Go to the Start menu and play your favorite games now.

10. Windows 10 Update Stuck fix

Open Command Prompt as Administrator and run the following commands
net stop wuauserv
net stop bits
del *.* /q /f
net start wuauserv
net start bits

Or Run this batch file download and right click and Run As Administrator!

9. Having Trouble getting Windows 10 to shutdown saying:
This app is preventing shut down.

1. Press Windows Key + R and put regedit in Run dialog box to open Registry Editor, Click OK.

2. In the left pane of Registry Editor window, navigate here:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

3. In the right pane of above shown window, right click and select New -> DWORD Value. Rename the newly created DWORD (REG_DWORD) as AutoEndTasks and double click on it and set the value to 1

4. Finally, in the Edit DWORD Value box shown above, change the Value data to 1. Click OK. You can now close the Registry Editor and reboot the machine to make changes effective.

8. CableONE "Ultra 100"...
Tips for Modem and Router, pay me attention if you need speed!

CableONE Ultra 100 offering 100Mps! What you need to know!!!

Study up on bonding Modems!!! CableONE to my knowledge does not offer a 16 channel bonding modem, So you will not get 100Mps with a rented modem!!
I had an Arris SB6141 8 bonding channel router supposed to be good for 341Mps down, I only got 58Mps max, I installed the New SB6183 16 bonding channel router good for up to 686Mps, I now get 113Mps download, But having 3Mps Up that is inversely proportional to the download really defeats having 100Mps down, Its a 2 way street, Packets flow both directions so 100Mps with 3 up, You wont notice it...

Study up on Modem channel bonding, rather interesting!!!

Secondly you need a real good Router, I recommend you buy an ASUS or Netgear AC router Both offer superior range, Using a combo modem is not a good idea, Internal antennas wont give much range, The Netgear R700 or R800 good Choices, Asus RT-AC87U or RT-AC3200 are also good choices, Router aren't what they used to be when everyone was using a Linksys WRT54G, Nowadays if you go cheap, you get get cheap... You need to spend close to $200 or you will regret it....

Thats my tip for the day.....
Stay Blessed, Benny

7. So you upgraded your PC to Windows 10 Now your internal D: drive does not work!! Click HERE for instructions to get your drive back!

If you upgraded to Windows 10 and you do not like the new Microsoft Edge browser have no fear follow THESE instructions to bring IE11 back!

5. Windows 10 also turns PEER TO PEER Sharing of updates on,
Click HERE for instructions to turn this off!

4. Windows 10 now includes Virtual Desktops!
Have you ever needed more Desktop space!!!
Have no fear Windows 10 is here!!!
Windows 10 includes a virtual desktop, open up the new Task View pane by clicking the Task View button on the taskbar, or by pressing the Windows Key + Tab. In the Task View pane, click New desktop to add a virtual desktop.

3. Read my Article on how I clean a PC! right HERE

2. iPad Recovery mode HERE


Been playing with Windows 10, Yes in my opinion it is better than 8 and 8.1
So much better than 8.1!!! Start Programs have been replaced with Start Apps, you also have all apps you can scroll through all the installed programs and apps, Also, File Explorer and a Power Button!!
The Old Gringo Benito Juárez

Other sites I created:
Green Brier Animal Clinic
El Agave Grill
Jerry McKinney
Willow Kate Makup Blog
Camille Sands

Checkout my Sisters eBay store go check it out:
Camille's Cosmic Hog Pen

Hey Guys,
Any of you been watching Moonshiners? Now that is an interesting show!
I've talked to Tim a few times, he is trying to go legal!
Popular Hotrodding is doing an article on him in the July issue make sure to pick one up! He is a really good down to earth guy and I wish him well!
You can visit Tims Site at! Drop him a line and be sure to visit his online store also!!

Hey Guys,
Some of you know that my older Sister was a Burlesque Dancer back in the 70's and appeared in several movies and TV shows , (She acted alongside Burt Reynolds in “B.L. Stryker;” appeared in 13 episodes of “Miami Vice,” where she played Doris Gumble and worked with rock star Iggy Pop; and appeared in Porky’s II and Alan Carr’s remake of “Where the Boys Are.”)
She was recently interviewed by Liz Goldwyn, the granddaughter of Paramount Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio honcho Samuel Goldywn!
Well she has wrote a book, If you can please buy a copy!
Here's a link! COSMIC QUEEN - by Camille Sands!
Also Available from Barnes and Noble for the Nook
FIND camille sands on Barne& Noble. Free 3-Day shipping on $25 orders!

I have so been busy... I need a break! haha

Check this out! a 1964 Moden!!!!
45 years after it was first created, Livermore Data Systems' "Model A" Acoustic Coupler Modem finally gets hooked up to the Internet, and travels to the World Wide Web at a whopping 300 baud.

Until tomorrow,

People I'd like to meet
People who want to get more out of life. People who like day life as well as night life. People who like taking pictures. People who have a picture of where they're going. People who don't know yet. People who want to open windows without doors closing. People who love music and want to make it... better.
Virtual Windows and Servers

VM Ware is here and blade servers have taken over the world!!
Virtual Windows and Servers oh my, Ill stick to Linux, Thank you!
or Thank me, or maybe my cohorts!
we are the last of our kind.......

I'm hoping to have more and more interesting stuff here soon!!!! Benny

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